The Mini Guide to Bathroom Renovations

Planning to renovate your bathroom? We know it can cost significant money, time, and effort. Hence, the wisest way to make it all worthwhile is to plan well before jumping feet first into the project.

Bathroom renovations can cost anything from a few hundred dollars to high-end premium costs. Experts dealing with bathroom renovations in Hamilton, on say that the rising inflation and cost of materials can burn a hole in your pocket if you are not well-planned. Click here to read the review.

This article has a list of tips and hacks to help you plan a bathroom renovation project that fits your budget. So, let’s roll up our sleeves and get the show on the road.

List Your Bathroom Renovation Requirements

The first thing to do is sit down and talk to your designer or family members (if it is a DIY project) about your requirements. Make a list based on:

  • Your budget
  • Availability of space
  • Bathroom routine
  • Number of people using the bathroom
  • Storage space
  • What to buy
  • Where to source your things like tiles, bathroom tub, faucets, pipes, etc.
  • What to retain and what to change

This elaborate discussion will help eliminate pitfalls and pool valuable suggestions and insights to make your renovation successful.

Sort Out the Bathroom Basics

The basic elements in a bathroom are the bathtub, closet, plumbing accessories, and storage options. You may want to consider a shower-tub combo to optimize the use of space and give your bathroom a trendy functionality. If your bathroom is spacious enough, you can also add a walk-in shower so that users can choose any options depending on their mood and time.

And while you are choosing between tubs and walk-in showers, you should not forget the shower accessories. Although they seem like small details, they add a depth of functionality and purpose to your bathroom. The main players are:

Shower curtains

Whether a bathtub or a walk-in shower, you need shower curtains to enclose the space and keep the water off the floor. Shower curtains are available in an amazing range of colors and designs, which is an added bonus.

Glass doors

Although they are heavy to use, glass doors add a contemporary touch, especially if you choose to go with a fancy door handle and metallic details around the entrance.

Thermostatic shower valve

Thanks to modern technology, thermostatic shower valves are far from our traditional showerheads. These valves can adjust the water temperature and flow to suit your requirements. Since these modern showers are expensive, you may want to consider various options to find the one that suits your budget.

No door option

If you are running a tight ship, opting for a waterproof floor and a central drain can work beautifully and give your shower stall a modern, contemporary look.

Choose the Right Materials

There are three types of materials you can choose to adorn your bathroom walls:

1. Wallpaper

If wallpaper is your choice, plan to allow enough ventilation, so your bathroom remains dry. Wallpaper tends to last longer in a dry environment.

2. Stone

Natural stones lend an aesthetic value to your bathroom. If you use the right sealant, these stone walls will work perfectly for a wet bathroom environment. However, stone walls are a costly affair. So, work out the expenses before choosing this option.

3. Tiles

Tiles are arguably the most popular choice for a wet or dry bathroom. They are also available in an endless array of colors, shapes, and designs.

Choose Your Storage Options

A good bathroom needs ample space to store bathroom amenities. Use any available space to install shelves, cupboards, and vanity cabinets. Add hooks, floating shelves, and towel racks to complete the look of your newly renovated bathroom.

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How to Keep Your Office Furniture Sparkling Clean

Why You Need a Clean Workplace

A clean and neat office is necessary if you are serious about your business. Your office appearance reflects who you are and what your business represents. It also helps keep your employees safe, healthy, happy, and productive. Keeping your work premises clean sends a clear message that your business is professional and worthy of your customer’s support. cleaners in oakville ontario, say that a clean office contributes to greater productivity. We have also included an office cleaning and maintenance checklist. Get the full list here.

An official workspace is incomplete without furniture. Dust can accumulate on everyday items such as tables, chairs, sofas, cupboards, etc., if not properly maintained. Given below are some effective tips to help you keep your office furniture immaculately clean and tidy.

4 Ways to Keep Office Furniture Clean & Pristine

1. Dust Everyday

The dust that you see is a combination of various elements. In fact, even your employees’ skin and hair cells contribute to dust accumulation within the workspace. Not to mention other contributing factors like paper and upholstery fibers and other dust particles that enter the environment through improper air channels. Dust accumulation is unavoidable if your office is located in a highly congested area. This is why it is important to dust the entire premises every day.

You may wonder why we suggest dusting every day. The reason is that dust accumulates on everything, and if it is not removed, it can become a major health hazard. It can cause allergies and worsen health your employees’ already-existing health issues. Therefore every nook and corner of your office must be dusted. This includes:

  • Furniture
  • Table tops
  • Shelves
  • Show-piece articles like cups, globes, etc.
  • Computer screens
  • Window ledges
  • File cabinets
  • Bookshelves
  • Telephones
  • Ceiling fans

Pro tip: Always use a clammy material duster to avoid disturbing the residue, which can settle elsewhere.

2. Sweep, Mop, and Vacuum

Sweeping, mopping and vacuuming is a systematic way of cleaning any place. Sweeping is the most effective way of cleaning up the trash on the floor. Once the premise is swept clean of all the dust, dirt, and accumulated trash, a thorough mopping should be done.

Use a combination of floor cleaning liquid and a splash of vinegar mixed with warm water to mop up the floors. This cleaning concoction will remove all the grime and spill residues on the floor. It will also help renew the shine on your floors. Use water liberally to mop up all the remaining dirt.

Once the mopping is done, use a vacuum cleaner to remove any remaining traces of dust from the carpets and rugs. Sprinkle some baking soda on these fabrics to remove any unpleasant smells.

3. Sanitize All Surfaces

With COVID and other infectious diseases posing major health threats, sanitization is necessary. Use a good sanitizing liquid to annihilate germs that lurk around:

  • Desks
  • Chairs
  • Telephones
  • Door and cupboard handles
  • Console in and outside lifts
  • Seat handles
  • Entryway handles
  • PC and mouse

4. Remove Fabric Stains

Imagine a huge espresso stain on your entrance mat, upholstery, or curtains! Coffee stains, mud spots, food spills, ink stains, etc., can cast an ugly shadow on your office, no matter how clean it is. Use a good stain remover to eliminate these grimy stains and retain the freshness of your carpets and rugs. You can also use a warm water concoction with soft drinks to remove stubborn stains. Don’t forget to let the solution sit on the stain for a few hours before scrubbing it off with soap and water.

Keep Your Office De-Cluttered & Organised

All your efforts can go to waste if your office is in utter chaos. Disorganized offices can delay work, create an unbalanced working environment, and dampen employee motivation. Create a perfect working space by allotting designated spots for every single item- be it furniture, stationery, coffee mugs, electrical extensions, and fittings.

Embracing these ideas will ensure a clean and hygienic office that will positively impact your customers, business associates, and staff.

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