How to Use Floral Decorations on Your Wedding

Petal carpets, indoor trees, and living backgrounds! It can be hard to choose the right arrangements to be the centerpiece of your wedding because there are so many different species among all these flora and fauna around the world.

Many couples are taking a modern approach to their wedding decor and have found innovative ways to incorporate flowers into it, be it the wedding wreath or the backdrops. Check out the full list here. Here are a few that really stand out!


Take a moment to go back in time to the 1980s. Recall that many cake decorations these days are far superior to the series of multi-tiered cakes joined by a plastic bridge. You don’t need to place tiny bridal figurines on your cake. Instead, you can use beautiful floral pieces to link all your decorations together. You can use a few of the flowers in your centerpieces to replace the expensive seven layers of cream frosting that you hand piped.

Lively backdrops

Living walls make a great addition to the head table or can be used as a background to allow guests to take photographs. These walls are an excellent and trendy way to bring life to your wedding venue. Sometimes these walls and backgrounds include some greenery, but most often, they are made of a collection of beautiful flowers arranged together.


This dramatic effect will add a WOW factor to your wedding reception. Your guests will be impressed by floral arrangements suspended from ceilings or chandeliers. This arrangement can be combined with natural light or other elements to enhance your wedding decor.

Carpet of Petals

This can be seen in movies! A flower girl, walking down the aisle and dropping colorful petals for the bride. This charming and time-honored custom of stepping on roses when the wedding march plays softly in the background is often overlooked.

Trees for the House

Although many people long for an outdoor wedding, it is not possible in Canada due to the fickle weather. You can create a natural, airy feeling at your reception by using potted trees and plants as the entryway, dance floor, or centerpiece.


Wreaths can be considered a sign of eternal life. The wreath’s circular shape, which is not defined by a beginning or an end, can be used to represent many meanings for people of different cultures. This beautiful arrangement of evergreens can be seen most often in winter. As the holiday season approaches, wedding wreaths with a series of sparkling lights could make a great show.

You can incorporate a variety of floral arrangements into your wedding and reception ceremony decor. You have the opportunity to express your artistic side. No matter what flowers or fauna you choose, they will all add to the natural and organic atmosphere of your wedding.