What Are The Different Vinyl Siding Types?

Understanding The Different Types Of Vinyl Siding

It is a huge decision to decide on the style of siding you want to install on your house, as it can impact the entire look of the home for many years. You need to consider various things such as the width of the planks, type of insulation, texture and colour. Vinyl Siding Toronto is one of the popular choices as it resembles wood siding styles. Find out more interesting siding profiles available in the Canadian markets here. Let’s have a look at the most popular different Vinyl siding profiles available these days.

Types Of Vinyl Siding Profiles

The most common types of Vinyl siding profiles are-

  • Dutch lap siding
  • Bevel Vinyl Siding

Dutch lap siding

Dutch Lap is one of the traditional styles of siding. This siding might not be as decorative as other sidings; however, it gives a shaped appearance. Dutch Lap helps to give a smooth finish, and it looks great when combined with wood grain patterns. Dutch Lap siding works well with traditional architectural styles such as colonials, Victorians, Greek Revivals, and Gambrels.

Just like the architectural styles, Dutch Lap can also look great with different colours. Light colours happen to be the best on Dutch Lap sidings, while dark colours give it a subtle appearance. The main aim of the Dutch Lap Siding is to give a hand-carved look, and it can create smoother lines and deeper shadows. When you opt to colour your house, you may want to pick the one that looks good on your home and the sidings. In the Northeast, for example, light grays and whites go best with Dutch Lap, or you can mix tan and cream for a two-tone look. Since houses in the South prefer darker colours, you can opt for medium grey or blue hue for Dutch Lap Sidings.

Here are the merits of Dutch Lap Siding.

  • Availability – Dutch Lap Siding is quite popular, that suppliers prefer to keep more stock in their warehouses. If more stock is available, that means you will not face a material shortage.
  • Durability – Dutch Lap Siding is considered the most durable type as it copes well with climate changes. The strength of the siding makes it an ideal choice for those living in areas prone to tornadoes and hurricanes.
  • Better Fit – The Dutch Lap Siding profile design allows to fit the pieces together at the overlapped joints.

The Bevel Vinyl Siding

Another style of vinyl siding is Bevel Siding. This type of siding mimics the size and shape, and the major advantage is that this siding is not very common.

Dutch Lap Siding is quite stylish, traditional, and beautiful. Whether you prefer to combine it with decorative colours or use it alone, you will be getting astonishing results that can enhance your house’s beauty.

If you have a renovation project, it is better to consider the pros and cons of the Vinyl siding to make the right choice.